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A Revenge Far From Sweet

Ever since learning the truth about his romance with 'Danielle', Tristan has been determined to let no one get the better of him again. Though Tristan clearly believes that living well is the best revenge -- hence his ambition to revamp his restaurant -- he'll find other forms of vengeance to be just as seductive.

DelThat's why he'll bond with ex-con Del Gabriel (pictured), who has his own vengeful desires regarding Frank; that's why he'll team with Cameron Nichols to recapture OmniCorp out from under Olivia's fingertips; and that's why he may ignore the signs that his liaison with Beth has had certain lasting reprecussions. As power comes closer to his grasp, Tristan shows a new side and decides to ally himself with a former enemy.

Unreliable Witness

With no memory of having sex in the past three years, Beth can't fathom how she became pregnant. Her dissociative identity disorder could be uncovered at last, but alter Bitsy could ruin that with a single dangerous choice. Though an unusually supportive Chelsea tries to stand by her friend, it's a man who'll jump in to stop the train wreck of Beth's life.

ClarkIs it her brother? Seems like Clark (pictured) might be too busy with a frightening adventure of his own, as his involvement with Noah, Tom and the ghost of David Reilly reveals a long dormant passion ... and an almost magnetic attraction to danger.

Well, there are other guys in Beth's life who might fit the bill. What about Beth's psychiatrist Kalid Behar? Or mystery lover Tristan, when he's not making unholy alliances? Hmm, maybe it will be another good samaritan altogether.

But whoever it is, Beth will first have to survive her alters' haphazard, destructive behavior. Can she trust anyone without trusting herself? And how can she trust her own instincts when her own mind can betray her at a moment's notice? By the end of the season, Beth will make a fateful leap of faith that could start her on the road to recovery ... or to a worse madness than she has ever known.

Trading Partners

ChelseaGreg has plenty to worry about when his past medical mistakes are brought to light by Maxine. With his future at the hospital in jeopardy, Greg's stress levels hit the roof ... which worsens his growing concern about Rena's closeness to Jem. When he pressures Rena to make a deeper physical commitment to their romance, this only serves to increase Rena's fears that he won't be patient enough to wait until she's ready. Of course, Chelsea (pictured) is not only ready, she's able, and she makes it clear to Greg that she's willing. Will Greg give in to easy temptation?

Actually, he may have a tragic reason for avoiding this decision. Jem's debt problems have already put Rena and Chelsea in the line of fire, since Cameron -- who'll stop at nothing to get ownership of Jem's newspaper -- has learned that they're currently the two most important women in Jem's life. Now Cameron has a plan to end this stand-off once and for all. If he finally wins the Record, the first headline under his ownership may just read Woman Found Dead. Is Jem manipulative enough to use a tragedy to his own advantage?

Unfinished Family Business

JonnieCam's brother Nick has his own schemes underway. He and undercover agent Jonnie (pictured) plot to destroy a rival family -- using ADA Ross Granger's own gambit. Jonnie's worst nightmares nearly come true, and to prevent discovery he has to make a grim decision. When betrayal is met with betrayal, things go very wrong ... but not before Jonnie's fear leads to a surprising meeting of the minds (and other body parts) with a woman caught in a trap of her own.

Thanks to Ian's honesty, Hannah has had her suspicions confirmed regarding Daphne's role in Hope's kidnapping. Now she has to decide how to use this knowledge. Ian and Daphne plead for understanding, but even normally compassionate Hannah has her limits. Torn between love for her nephew, the growing love for baby Hope, and her loyalty to her husband, Hannah is shocked by her own secret, sinful thoughts. And so she turns to someone who just might understand her confusion.

Ian's twisted past with his stepmother continues to haunt him. But soon his heart turns to new pastures when he sees Daphne in a whole new light ... thanks, oddly enough, to Tyler. Meanwhile, Danielle's feelings for the men in her life aren't as clear-cut as she thinks, as she tries to keep safe from Cameron's jealousy while maintaining her favorite pasttime -- playing sadistic and very deadly games with Ian and Alex. When the risk of discovery becomes too great, the result is a particularly depraved, malicious scheme to ruin an enemy's life.

BeccaThanks to inheriting her mother's manipulative skills and her grandmother's ingenious talent for plotting, Becca (pictured) comes up with a plan to win her bet against Simon. Though Jason continues to bond with Julie, Becca uses his love of computers to seduce him over to her side. Meanwhile, Julie's need to separate from her overprotective family leads her to the town's new hot spot.

A Jewel with a Fatal Flaw

Adele (pictured, below) seeks a death sentence for the mysterious person who, like her, is hunting for the Fiore family necklace. So what if a few innocent bystanders get in her way? As Adele unearths the true identity of this troublemaker, look for a link between two storylines that previously seemed utterly unconnected. And danger will lurk for someone who doesn't realize how deeply he's involved with a frightening conspiracy.

AdeleMeanwhile, necklace-owner Martina thinks her life can return to normal, what with the recent death of her attacker and her own approaching marriage to Mike. But too many enemies are vying for the chance to prove her horrifyingly wrong. A vicious act of deceit leads to a devastating event that shatters Martina's dreams of happiness ... possibly forever.

Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls...

As the season hurtles to an end, a joyful occasion becomes a crossroads for several Skyfalls residents. The invitations are sent, the church is booked, and at long last Laurie Nichols and Victor Fiore are going to be wed. Or are they? Not if Adele and canny cop (and brother of the groom) Mike have anything to say about it. For once, these enemies have the same goal in mind -- to stop the marriage.

But there's more than marriage on the minds of the wedding attendees. Old vendettas, recent tragedies, clandestine relationships and secret plots will be the uninvited guests at this grand event.

When all is said and done, will the church bells chime for a wedding ... or a funeral?

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