Reader Commentary on ASF Episode #6.05 By Joseph McDonald Note from ASF author Kira Lerner: to enhance the interactivity of ASF, I’ve solicited these reader commentaries, which will be written by an avid ASF reader and community member. All opinions …

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About Joseph McDonald

Joseph McDonald started reading ASF two years ago after clicking the wrong link on the Epiguide. He's an eccentric Brit who likes writing, singing and travelling (when he can afford it!). He's a fan of great character-driven dramas such as Downton Abbey and Last Tango in Halifax, and loves reading Stephen King and George RR Martin. He's currently planning his own webseries, and has just put an APB out for his muse.


Happy holidays, everyone!  I’m delighted to present the first of a series of podcasts devoted to your questions and comments in response to ASF’s 15th anniversary and the end of our marathon fourth season. Originally this was supposed to be …

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About Kira Lerner

I'm the co-creator and writer of the webserial About Schuyler Falls, as well as other works filled with suspense, romance, rich characterization, and a dash of (usually dark) humor. My published novels are Fierce Moon, Night Wolf, Tropical Treasure and Seduction Games, with two upcoming book series in progress: a YA fantasy quintet and a trilogy of paranormal romantic suspense novels. I'm also a developmental editor, copy editor/writer, and web designer; I administer the EpiGuide community for webfiction and webseries, co-host the EpiCast podcast focusing on serialized webfiction (available on iTunes and Stitcher), and run WeSeWriMo, the annual writing marathon for web-based serials.