Jake plays gynecologist Beverly Kirk, described as "sweet" and "shy."  Virgin Leila (Shalom Harlow) is looking to get pregnant without any complications like love or commitment.  But sometimes love's right under your nose.  Or, in this case, right near the stirrups.  (Sorry, couldn't help it!)

We have a link to Cherry's trailer - you can access the Quicktime video clip here (which is roughly 4.0 MB and will take several minutes to download). But it's very, very worth it. Impatient? Slow connection and want spoilers for the trailer? Here's our absurdly detailed play-by-play here:

The trailer starts by introducing Leila, who after being dumped at the altar has decided to give up on love. Cut to her sitting in a park staring at a little girl, and then announcing that she wants to have a baby. And then--Jake's glorious self appears! He's featured rather nicely, as he shyly asks her for coffee and gets turned down. Leila is still determined to avoid men. But, as the announcer says (and we see Jake appear onscreen in his doctor's coat) "sometimes you meet someone who changes your mind." Cut to Leila's gynecologist appointment as she meets Beverly for the first time. "This really is quite the horrifying coincidence," Beverly says. "Horrifying?" Leila questions - maybe she's not all that upset to see Beverly again, even though he's about to use a speculum on her.

Next we watch Leila's attempts to interview sperm donors for her baby, including several awful candidates. Finally we see dear Beverly again, this time asking Leila to go out with him. She will she respond? Then we get a shot of Beverly fumbling and tripping in his office (aw!).

This part's great: the announcer says "Shalom Harlow..." (shot of Shalom-as-Leila) "...and Jake Weber..." (shot of Jake-as-Beverly, wearing a leather jacket looking behind his shoulder...hotcha!). A friend of Leila's says "Who's he?" and we hear a male voice say pointedly, "That's Dr. Beverly!" - then we get yet another shot of Jake-as-Beverly, in a suit, in slo-mo yet! Clearly highlighting his lusciousness.

Finally, the announcer finishes with: "...CHERRY."

Okay, nauseating detail, huh? But I just had to go overboard, since this is Jake's first featured romantic role in a trailer, and it's clear that they're playing him up as a hottie. Those breathless characters at the end...that's Dr. Beverly indeed! Mmm mmm good.

If you go to Blockbuster's Cherry page, you can also get a relatively detailed blurb about the film itself. Though not as detailed as the above trailer play-by-play! Sad, huh? <grin>

Shalom Harlow and Jake Weber

Cherry Poster

Excerpt from Janet Maslin's review of "Cherry" in the New York Times:

"Cherry," produced and directed by Joseph Pierson and Jon Glascoe, is a romantic comedy in which a supermodel, Shalom Harlow, plays a faux naive 29-year-old virgin, attracting suitors who include a bashful gynecologist and a clown. Toxic as that sounds, this modest, easygoing date movie has its charms. Not least of them are good humor and the refreshing absence of any misanthropic edge. ...[Shalom Harlow is] surrounded by a solid group of supporting actors, among them Isaach de Bankole (who can bring winking panache to any comedy), Heather Matarazzo and Jake Weber. Mr. Weber is sweetly appealing in the film's dreamboat role, despite the gynecological humor that comes with him. ...[S]omehow "Cherry" winds up funnier and more warmhearted than it had any reason to be.