Welcome! This site is a tribute to an actor whose sensitive, intelligent and intense performances in an increasing number of roles have made him a not-so-hidden treasure.

Who is Jake Weber? Jake's been increasingly visible in high-profile films such as "U-571," "Meet Joe Black," and the Jennifer Lopez vehicle, "The Cell." He's currently co-starring on the HBO drama series "Mind of the Married Man." Previously, he was perhaps most recognized from his television roles in "American Gothic" (CBS, 1995-96), "Something Wilder" (CBS, 1994?), or "What the Deaf Man Heard" (CBS, 1997)...or a host of other roles in feature films and theater, including "Amistad."

With his latest projects, Jake may finally get the prominent publicity he deserves.  As admirers of his work, we hope this site will continue to grow.

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5-17-02: New - Yes, two years later, we're finally cranking things up again. There's a new message board to visit, and slowly we'll be sweeping away the dust and giving you plenty of new info and pictures to enjoy!

5-29-00: In our Cherry section, you'll find a link to the trailer...which is positively filled with Jake-alicious goodness!

5-20-2000: We have our own domain at last: http://www.jakeweberfan.com (though you can still access us via the older address). Be sure to click on the above link and bookmark it!

5-7-2000: Buy videos of Jake's films right from this site! See our news section for details.

5-5-2000: Site redesign and reorganization! (Snoop around and tell us what you think over on our new message board).

5-5-2000: News about Jake's marital status, a new page for The Cell, more pictures from What the Deaf Man Heard, and more info and commentary about several of Jake's past films.

4-25-2000: New info about U-571 including box office standings, reviews, and quotes from Jake himself! Also, info about Jake attending the wedding of one of his U-571 costars.