Biographical and Career Information:

Jake Weber attended Middlebury College in Vermont, where he majored in English Literature and Political Science, graduating cum laude with a BA. He attended the Julliard School, from which he graduated in 1991, and also studied at Russia's famed Moscow Art Theater.  His age is unknown, but probably he's in his early- to mid-thirties.
Jake #5 Jake seems to have spent many years in Great Britain, which perhaps explains his accent--an intriguing mixture of British and New England-ese. In an endearing quirk, when playing a 'regular American guy,' he sometimes tends to overcompensate for his classical training by affecting a slightly exaggerated New York accent.

As of April 2000, Jake is a newlywed! Information about his wife is unknown, but we do know that he's been linked to Nora Ariffin, an actress (who co-starred with Jake in the film "Skin Art") for several years. The two lived together for some time in Manhattan. Is this the new bride? We shall see! 

Professional Credits:

(Titles with underlined text indicate that we have pages with more details on the production, such as plot/character info or photos)

Born on the 4th of July (1989)

Donna's Boyfriend

A Stranger Among Us (1992)


Skin Art (1993)


The Pelican Brief (1993)

Curtis Morgan

Cultivating Charlie (1994)

Charles Thundertrunk

Vanishing Son II and IV
(TV Movies, 1994)


Something Wilder
(TV Series, 1994-5)

Richie Wainwright

American Gothic
(TV Series, 1995-6)

Dr. Matt Crower

Missing Marissa/Kissing Christine
(Off-Broadway Play, 1996)


Amistad (1997)

Mr. Wright

What the Deaf Man Heard
(TV Movie, 1997)

Tolliver Tynan

Liberty: The American Revolution
(PBS Mini-series, 1997)

Virginia Officer/Gentleman

Dangerous Beauty (1998)

King Henry

Meet Joe Black (1998)


Into My Heart (1998)


Pushing Tin (1999)

Barry Plotnick

Cherry (1999)

Dr. Beverly Kirk

In Too Deep (1999)

Daniel Connelly

U-571 (2000)

Lt. Hirsch

The Cell (2000)

Agent Gordon Ramsey

Other Roles (dates unknown)

The Big Funk (Off-Broadway)


A Small Family Business (Off-Broadway)


Georgio, Orlando, Vincenzo,
Lotario and Umberto Rivetti

Othello (theater)

Roderigo (w/Chris Walken as Iago, Raul Julia as Othello)

The Tragedy of King Richard III

Catesby (w/Denzel Washington as Richard)

Mad Forest (Off-off Broadway)

A Soldier (w/Calista Flockhart)

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