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Knoxville News-Sentinal

"...Knoxville-born actor David Lemuel Keith and publicist Nancy Michelle Clark were married in an afternoon ceremony Saturday, April 15, at Church Street United Methodist Church. The couple pledged their vows before a host of family members, close friends and celebrities (including actor Corbin Bernsen and basketball great Julius Erving) who came from around the country and as far away as Buenos Aires, Rome and Paris. ...Other celebrities in attendance were Barry Nolan, anchorman of "Hard Copy" and "Extra"; Polly Draper of "thirtysomething"; Jake Weber of "U-571" and "Meet Joe Black"; former Knoxvillian Ronnie Venable, who is now an actor in New York; actress Amanda Pays; country singer T. Graham Brown; and Larry Campbell, who is Bob Dylan's guitarist. On May 1 the couple will embark on a six-week wedding trip to France and Italy, according to the News-Sentinel."

TV GUIDE - April 22, 2000 (review of U-571)

"A small crew of American sailors is conscripted for a special mission: They must board a crippled German U-boat and capture a coveted Enigma code machine. The crew is led by Lt. Andrew Tyler (Matthew McConaughey), who's smarting none-too-graciously at having been denied his own submarine command, and doesn't much like Lt. Hirsch (Jake Weber), the German-speaking mastermind behind the daring plan."

DESERET NEWS (review of U-571)

"...[Director Jonathan Mostow] also gets good performances from his cast, including McConaughey, who brings a brooding intensity to his role, and Harvey Keitel, who makes the most of a surprisingly meaty supporting role. (Paxton, Weber and singer-turned-actor Jon Bon Jovi also get individual moments, though Mostow has wisely made it an ensemble piece.)." Click here for full review.

Mr. SHOWBIZ (review of U-571)

"...Joining them are a jut-jawed Marine commando (David Keith) and a sallow-faced git named Hirsch (Jake Weber), who mostly communicates in clipped German except for the announcement that he will be in operational control of the mission." (Not exactly complimentary, but it's such a funny line that I had to include it.)

PR Newswire - January 28, 1999, Thursday

"U-571," a World War II suspense thriller produced by Dino and Martha De Laurentiis and written and directed by Jonathan Mostow began principal photography in Rome, Italy on January 25. The film stars Matthew McConaughey ("A Time to Kill," Universal's upcoming "EDtv"), Harvey Keitel ("Pulp Fiction"), Jon Bon Jovi ("Moonlight & Valentino"), David Keith ("Indian In The Cupboard") and Jake Weber ("Meet Joe Black"). The film, which reunites Mostow and the De Laurentiises after their successful 1997 collaboration, "Breakdown," will be shot at Rome's famed Cinecitta Studios and on the island of Malta and will be released in North America by Universal Pictures.

In "U-571," a group of Americans are involved in a daring plan to steal the infamous enigma coding device from a Nazi U-boat in the Atlantic at the height of World War II. Allied intelligence needs this machine so that they can decipher enemy movements and stop the incessant wolfpack attacks on convoys carrying vital supplies across the Atlantic.

Co-starring in "U-571" are Jack Noseworthy ("Breakdown"), Matthew Settle ("I Still Know What You Did Last Summer"), Thomas Kretschmann ("Prince Valiant"), T.C. Carson ("Livin' Large"), Thomas Guiry ("Lassie") and Dave Power ("Picture Perfect"). Newcomers Erik Palladino, Derk Cheetwood and Will Estes are also cast in supporting roles.

The filmmakers will realize the large-scale action sequences of "U-571" through the use of full-size vessels, which will be put to sea and engage in the spectacular battle scenes called for in director Mostow's screenplay. For these sequences, the production crew has constructed a 400-ton, full-sized, sea-going replica of a German type of VII U-boat, as well as an American submarine from the same time period. Scenes depicting the interiors of the vessels will be shot on sets constructed at Cinecitta's largest sound stage, where production designers.

Bill Skinner ("On Deadly Ground") and Geotz Weidner ("Das Boot") have combined their expertise with Marine Consultant Captain Lance H. Julian ("Titanic") to authentically recreate these fighting machines that were a key part of World War II.

The producers have assembled a distinguished team of behind-the-scenes personnel for "U-571," including director of photography Oliver Wood ("Face/Off"), 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator Jim Arnett ("Amistad"), costume designer April Ferry ("Maverick"), visual effects supervisor Peter Donen ("U.S. Marshalls"), special effects supervisor Allen Hall ("Cutthroat Island") and line producer Lucio Trentini ("Sheltering Sky"). Hal Lieberman will serve as executive producer of the film.

Universal Pictures is part of Universal Studios (, a unit of The Seagram Company Ltd., a global entertainment and beverage company. SOURCE Universal Pictures.


Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter, November 20, 1998.  Article by Thom Geier

"...Pam Grier has joined the cast of Miramax's "In Too Deep," a crime thriller starring Omar Epps, LL Cool J and Stanley Tucci. Based on a true story of an undercover cop who infiltrates a drug ring and gets lost in a violent underworld, the film began shooting this month in Toronto.
Also aboard are Nia Long ("Soul Food"), supermodel Veronica Webb, Hill Harper("He Got Game"), Jake Weber ("Meet Joe Black") and singing stars Jermaine Dupri, Nas and Mya.
Michael Rymer is directing from a script by Michael Henry Brown and Paul Aaron, who is also producing. Miramax vice presidents Amy Slotnick and Jeremy Kramer are overseeing the production for the company..."


From a transcript of a CNN/Entertainment Weekly interview with Cate Blanchette, broadcast on February 25, 1999:

"Cate's next film is 'Pushing Tin,' a black comedy about air traffic controllers. She plays a Long Island house wife. It's not a lead, but she did her homework for this role too. She hung out in one of Long Island's biggest shopping malls. For her a bit like visiting another planet. " Pushing Tin" also stars John Cusack. It's due out in early April."

Entertainment Weekly, February 12, 1999


What's the big deal? Blanchett and Jolie--in the same movie! "Pure serendipity!" says Newell (Donnie Brasco), referring to the impeccable timing of this dramatic comedy. As luck would have it, it's opening after Golden Globe victories for Jolie (as HBO's Gia) and Blanchett (in Elizabeth, a role that could lead to an Oscar nod). The "tin" in the title refers to the 7,000 flights Cusack and Thornton--as sparring air-traffic controllers--guide every day. "They're two archrival alpha males trying to prove who's better," says Newell. "These are two guys who simply cannot agree on whose d--- is the biggest." Of course, you could ask their wives, played by Blanchett and Jolie. For her role, Blanchett did research by hanging out with real-life controllers, or in her words, "maniacs! To let off steam, they play videogames of aircraft disasters." (April 23)


Excerpt from Claire Forlani's interview over at the Mr. Showbiz site.  Ms. Forlani is Jake's co-star in both "Meet Joe Black" and the upcoming "Into My Heart" (formerly known as "Elements"):

Q. What’s your next film, Elements, like?

"The name has changed, it’s now called Into My Heart. I actually shot it before I did Meet Joe Black. Jake Weber, who plays my boyfriend in Meet Joe Black, plays my husband. He’s done a lot of theater and films, he’s completely mercurial, he changes in each part. In Joe Black, he was the bastard. In [Into My Heart] he is the sweetest, loveliest, most gorgeous, most adoring husband. When I saw his transition in Meet Joe Black, I was astounded."


Excerpt from Janet Maslin's review of "Cherry" in the New York Times:

"Cherry," produced and directed by Joseph Pierson and Jon Glascoe, is a romantic comedy in which a supermodel, Shalom Harlow, plays a faux naive 29-year-old virgin, attracting suitors who include a bashful gynecologist and a clown. Toxic as that sounds, this modest, easygoing date movie has its charms. Not least of them are good humor and the refreshing absence of any misanthropic edge. ...[Shalom Harlow is] surrounded by a solid group of supporting actors, among them Isaach de Bankole (who can bring winking panache to any comedy), Heather Matarazzo and Jake Weber. Mr. Weber is sweetly appealing in the film's dreamboat role, despite the gynecological humor that comes with him. ...[S]omehow "Cherry" winds up funnier and more warmhearted than it had any reason to be.



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