The Big Funk         

This popular PBS documentary, a relative of Ken Burns' Civil War, is a perennial favorite during July 4 pledge drives. If you haven't seen one of the many Ken Burnsian style documentaries: they consist mostly of actors reading primary source material (such as letters, journal entries, and other historical documents).
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Sometimes the actors aren't seen, and the readings are in voiceover; other times, the actors are dressed in historically appropriate costumes while "playing" the historical figure responsible for the document.

In "Liberty," Jake appears twice in costume. His first appearance is in Episode 2, when he portrays a Virginia soldier in the revolutionary war. Later (not sure which episode, but it's one of the later ones taking place after the war), Jake's portrayal is of another Virginia character, a gentleman farmer. I seem to remember his bemoaning the financial situation he finds himself in after the war.

The cast for this documentary reads like a "Who's Who" of New York theater (which probably explains Jake's inclusion--casting must have been based in NYC), including Philip Bosco as Ben Franklin (perfect!), Donna Murphy as Abigail Adams, and Roger Rees (who directed Jake in "The Rivals") as Tom Paine.