The Cell

The Cell stars Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'onofrio, and Jake. Lopez plays a child psychologist(!) assigned the task of virtually entering the mind of a serial killer (D'onofrio) in order to discover the whereabouts of his latest kidnap victim. Vaughn is the FBI agent who partners with Lopez in this bizarre journey. And Jake is Vaughn's partner, Gordon Ramsey, who apparently is more buttoned-up and cynical than Vaughn about the whole virtual mindtrip thing. (Go figure!)

Here's Jake's (very flattering) bio, according to the official site for The Cell - gotta love the line in italics!

Weber (FBI Agent Gordon Ramsey) is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's hottest young leading men. He was recently seen in Mike Newell's Pushing Tin, and in the independent feature Cherry co-starring with Shalom Harlow. Last year he co-starred in Martin Brest's Meet Joe Black, opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, and in Marshall Herskovitz's Dangerous Beauty. Weber's other film credits include Into My Heart in which he co-stars with Claire Forlani, The Pelican Brief directed by Alan J. Pakula, and Sidney Lumet's A Stranger Among Us. Jake made his feature film debut in Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July.

A theater actor of wide experience, Weber most recently starred in "The Rivals" directed by Roger Reese [sic] at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Jake has also appeared on Broadway in "A Small Family Business." Off-Broadway, he starred in two plays by John Patrick Shanley, "Missing/Kissing" and "The Big Funk." Other Off-Broadway credits include "The Radical Mystique," "Mad Forest" (nominated for an Obie Award), the New York Shakespeare Festival production of "As You Like It" (for which he won a 1992 Calloway Award), "Road," "Othello," and "Richard III." Weber's television credits include a starring role in the Emmy-nominated "What the Deaf Man Heard" for CBS-TV's Hallmark Hall of Fame. He was also a series regular on "American Gothic" and "Something Wilder." Weber attended Middlebury College where he majored in English Literature and Political Science, graduating cum laude with a B.A. He attended the Julliard School and also studied at Russia's famed Moscow Theater.

And what does The Cell's site say about Gordon Ramsey?

from "The Cell" Jake Weber, who co-starred alongside Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black, and can soon be seen in U-571 starring Matthew McConnaughey, plays FBI agent Gordon Ramsey, Peter Novak's professional, well-groomed partner who closely follows the Bureau party line. Tarsem met Jake in New York and thought he was just right for the role of Vince Vaughn's partner.

"I liked the director's vision, his sense of humor, imaginative style, and there were also some fine actors in the film," says Weber about what impressed him about the project. He was also intrigued with playing a law enforcement officer for the first time in his career. "Vince's character and mind [sic] are cut from very different cloths as people, but as partners we have a pretty close relationship. And hopefully there's a little bit of comedy in the relationship as well as the tension that's built into working very closely with someone." "Jake's character is very much a fellow who is just not sure that what they're doing makes sense," says Julio Caro. "He wants to solve the crime and is as committed as Novak, but he thinks he going too far." "My character's sort of there to help keep Novak in line, to baby-sit him," adds Weber.